Welcome to a paradise on the coast of Oaxaca.
Can you imagine waking up in the morning to the gentle sound of the sea and the tropical bird's song? In our charming house in Puerto Escondido, this idyllic vision is a daily reality.

Located just 3 blocks from the beach, our property is nestled in a natural oasis among majestic palm trees and lush bougainvillea. Here, time stands still, and serenity takes over every corner.

One of the highlights of our house is its senseless architecture that combines Mediterranean elements on the ground floor and a rustic touch in the palapa area. This unique fusion of architectural styles creates a cozy and distinctive atmosphere where Mediterranean elegance intertwines with rustic authenticity.

The heart of this special home is the palapa, where you can appreciate both the sunrise and sunset over the ocean's horizon. The panoramic views allow you to enjoy the changing colors of the sky and the sea breeze at any time of the day.

Our garden, with its majestic palm trees and blooming bougainvillea, surrounds the palapa, creating a unique natural environment. This space is a feast for the senses and a home for the local wildlife. As you relax on the terrace, you can observe playful squirrels and a variety of colorful birds that regularly visit our garden.

Our house in Puerto Escondido is a haven of peace and tranquility, where the days unfold in harmony with the nearby ocean's energy. Additionally, we are strategically located near cafes, bars, and restaurants, allowing you to easily enjoy the vibrant life of the area.

We invite you to explore more about our property and discover how each day here can be a unique experience. Welcome to your home away from home in Puerto Escondido, where architecture and nature blend in harmony, and the palapa becomes your lookout for the charming sunrises and sunsets on the coast.